VDI and Virtual Desktop Security

  • AFORE's security wrapping for Windows desktop apps should be on every desktop in the world!

    Last week at VMworld 2013 I learned about AFORE Solutions (Yeah, they capitalize it all), a ten-year-old software company with a new product called CypherX which freaking rocks! The best way to describe CypherX is that it's kind of like MAM for Windows.

  • RSA Conference 2012: Appthority

    At the 2012 RSA Conference here in San Francisco, I spoke to Kevin Watkins, CEO and founder of Appthority. Appthority provides a service for testing mobile applications.

  • RSA Conference 2012: Koolspan

    Koolspan TrustCall allows users to make hardware-encrypted VoIP phone calls from regular smartphones. In this video I spoke to Glenn Schoonover, a senior sales engineer.

  • RSA Conference 2012: Mobile Active Defense

    In this video, I spoke to Winn Schwartau of Mobile Active Defense. Mobile Active Defense is a mobile device management solution that routes all data traffic to and from a device through an IPSec VPN-the device is always behind a firewall.

  • From CES 2012: Check out these devices that say FUIT!

    During the Consumer Electronics Show I wanted to check out devices that allow employees to say FUIT and circumvent their IT department.

  • FUIT at CES 2012: SurfEasy

    When I heard about SurfEasy last December, it gave me the idea to look for other devices at the Consumer Electronics Show that could be used to get around IT restrictions.

  • FUIT at CES 2012: Primadesk

    At the Consumer Electronics Show I found devices (and in this case a service) that could be used to get around IT-a concept we call FUIT. In this video, I spoke to the founder and CEO of Primadesk, Srinivasa Venkataraman.

  • FUIT at CES 2012: HyperDrive CloudFTP

    At the Consumer Electronics Show, I sought out devices that could be used to get around IT (FUIT). The HyperDrive CloudFTP takes any USB storage device and attaches it to an ad hoc or existing wifi network.

  • FUIT at CES 2012: Steelcase media:scape

    At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show I went looking for FUIT devices: gadgets, products, and services that allow users to go around their IT departments using consumer technology. Ryan Anderson from SteelCase gave me a demo of their media:scape product.

  • FUIT at CES 2012: j5create Wormhole

    At the Consumer Electronics show I went looking for the devices that could be used to circumvent IT departments, a concept we've taken to calling FUIT. In this video, we look at j5create's Wormhole with Steven Lyu.

  • FUIT at CES 2012: iTwin

    At the Consumer Electronics show I went in search of FUIT devices. In this video, I talked to Akesh Nemani with iTwin.

  • 2012 Consumer Electronics Show wrap-up

    In this video, Colin Steele and I give our thoughts about what we found at the Consumer Electronics show this year. Stay tuned for more videos!