triCerat shows off Torx Print, which prints from pretty much any device to any printer

At Citrix Synergy in Anaheim triCerat was showing off a tech preview of Torx Print, a new mobile printing product. triCerat’s VP of product management Eric Musgrave gave us a demo.

There are a lot of products out there enable mobile devices to print to network printers, but Torx Print has a few special features. The Torx Print server can broker print jobs from iOS, (they said Android is coming soon, too) virtual desktops, and regular desktops to both AirPrint-enabled and normal printers. The clients are location-aware, so users can always print to the nearest printer. Torx Print has policies to control permissions for users and printers, and it also incorporates triCerat’s existing ScrewDrivers and Simplified Printing technologies.

Torx Print is only in tech preview for now, and will go into beta in the end of June.

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