XenDesktop 7 doesn't bring many surprises, but that's not a bad thing. A video of what's new.

I stopped by the Citrix booth to see Stu Moore about XenDesktop 7. I first met Stu last year at Citrix Synergy in Barcelona after the announcement of Excalibur, and he gave a demonstration of the Tech Preview of what is now called XenDesktop 7.

What's interesting about XenDesktop 7 is that this time around, Citrix shied away from the cloud-heavy marketing that surrounded Avalon and Excalibur in the past few shows. While the ability to integrate local and cloud datacenters with XenDesktop 7 (and all the supporting aspects of that feature) are still in the product and the roadmap, the overwhelming message is that this is the next version of XenDesktop no matter how you want to use it.

The video from Stu, below, goes through just a few of the new features and UI changes since the Tech Preview last year. For one, App-V is heavily, if not exclusively favored as the application virtualization of choice nowadays, so there have been some UI changes in that department. There has also been the addition of a "Desktop and Applications" option when creating a Delivery Group, in addition to either Desktop or Application groups.

In short, nothing is all that surprising since we saw most of this in Barcelona, but that's not a bad thing. As we talked about in our post-keynote podcast, Citrix followed through on the announcements they made in Barcelona rather than making more waves with even newer announcements. I've likened this to Citrix repaying their "promise debt," which is something both Citrix and VMware have done of late after years of one-upsmanship. Nonetheless, the video is worth a watch to see the new interface and the changes that will be in the released version. We'll have more on XenDesktop 7, especially XenDesktop 7 App Mode (the XenApp-like functionality), in the coming weeks.

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Thanks for sharing the insight Gabe!

- Citrix Director - This stuff is the bomb! Really hoping the new Director version still supports IMA servers (as the current 2.0 release does)

- HDX Policy comparison .... Mehh ... I called it a nice-to-have ...

- Now ... don't get me started on the 'Desktop and Applications' delivery group ..... this obviously should have been in the product for TP1 and TP2! And what in the name of the lord is the point of having the chose between THREE types of delivery groups in the first place, if all that's really required is one type of delivery group: 'Desktops and Applications" ...... I mean ... seriously!!!?? WTF?   .... Are the developers asleep at the wheel??? This three options rubbish just looks to me like MORE code, MORE bugs, MORE documentation, MORE testing ...... I just don't get it. WHY??

Can somebody explain this to me??