Why Use Systrack - Sponsored by Lakeside Software, from BriForum 2005

This is a video of a breakout session from BriForum 2005.

Session Description: The primary purpose of this session is to describe how the use of SysTrack can increase performance, stability, security and control of a server based computing environment. Attendees will be shown how to identify and address system performance issues before a users productivity is affected. Additionally, attendees will see how the monitoring of users and applications can increase the stability of their environment. Also addressed will be the increased security available by controlling user’s web activities and application access. The last of the primary issues will be to demonstrate how managing both hardware/software assets and configurations can increase control of their installation. Additional topics will include historical troubleshooting, service level tracking, reporting and alarm capabilities. Please join us for this informative session regarding enhancing the overall experience of server based computing hosted by Michael Schumacher, President and CTO of Lakeside Software.

Presented by: Michael Schumacher

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