Video of new features in Quest vWorkspace 7.1

When we did our Geek Week: VDI Shootout back in March, one of the products we tested was Quest vWorkspace 7.0. They've since released the 7.1 version with some new features. In this video, Patrick Rouse visited our San Francisco office to show Gabe and I what's new.

Specific new features in vWorkspace 7.1 include:

Load balancing (0:45 in the video)

Small but cool, you can now configure the load balancing algorithms of the connection broker based on any WMI counter.

Rapid provisioning (4:01)

VWorkspace has a new rapid provisioning functionality where you can build thin-provisioned clones of shared master disk images. This is sort of like VMware's linked clones (and to a lesser extent Citrix Provioning Services) except it works with any hypervisor that vWorkspace supports. (ESX, Hyper-V, or Xen)

Automated / scripted install of all Microsoft "in box" VDI components (9:04)

One of the funny things we learned from the Geek Week: VDI Shootout was that Microsoft's "in box" VDI solution is super complicated--so complicated that the Microsoft engineers who came to install it with us even got mixed up about which roles were installed where. (Remote Desktop Connection Broker, Remote Desktop Session Host, Remote Desktop Server in Redirection Mode, Remote Desktop Gateway, etc...) All the Microsoft RD things are cool once they're up and running, but getting them installed--good luck!

To alleviate this, Quest built an automated installation tool that goes out and installs and configures all of the Microsoft components automatically. Even if I'm not using Quest for my VDI solution, I'd love to have this tool! :)

EOP Xtreme (15:13)

The final vWorkspace 7.1 feature we looked at was EOP "Xtreme." EOP is Quest's umbrella brand for their various technologies that enhance Microsoft RDP. (In some ways EOP is like Citrix's "HDX," in that it's a bunch of different things, although unlike HDX, EOP are just extensions to RDP rather than replacements.) VWorkspace 7.1 introduces the EOP "Xtreme" enhancement which helps RDP perform better in environments with high latency. (EOP Xtreme competes against Wyse VDA.) Patrick started talking about EOP Xtreme at the end of this video, although we spent so much time with it that we actually broke out most of the EOP Xtreme conversation into its own video.


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