Video demo of Wyse "Xenith" Zero client from Citrix Synergy 2010

Wyse unveiled a "zero" client for Citrix HDX called Wyse Xenith at Citrix Synergy 2010 last week. I published a full analysis of the announcement here, and this is sort of the companion video. Gabe and I got a demo of Xenith on the expo hall floor just before the opening party. (So in case you're wondering why the place is empty and there are vacuum cleaner sounds in the background, that's why.)

By the way, at one point I joked about the "two yahoos" screwing up the demo. I want to be clear that I was talking about Gabe and Jeff, not the two innocent workers in the background! :)

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Awesome !!! Finally somebody's heard it !!!

No more configs, no more updates,

and most importantly no more TCX/VDA..

Pure Citrix HDX...


Funny video. You certainly grilled poor Jeff. ;)

This thing looks like a great product.

And there is nothing stopping the Xenith from talking across the WAN to get its configuration via DHCP.

Good old ip helper-address is your friend here.


Yeah and after this video was recorded I learned that you could also hard code the XenDesktop connection server address if you couldn't use the DHCP option flags.