Video demo of Wanova's offline laptop disk management thing (It's really cool!)

It's been almost a year since I first wrote about Wanova, a software startup company whose "Mirage" product (seriously) product is used for managing, updating, patching, etc., laptops in the field. Wanova plays a big role in the whole "offline VDI" or "local desktop virtualization" or whatever you want to call it. (Remember this is what I think 90% of desktop virtualization will be in the future.) Wanova's approach (1) does not require a hypervisor on the client (although you can combine it with one if you want), and (2) all the smarts happen inside Windows, so it does that whole "smart replication" thing I've been all hopped up about over the past few months.

In this video, I sat down with Ady Degany, Wanova's Director of Product Management, at my office in San Francisco last Friday. We talked for over an hour, walking through their product and discussion Wanova, their customers, and their prospects.

Incidentally this video represents the approach that you're seeing from us more and more. It's kind of like the video version of the "Brian Dump" concept we had a year ago or so. In the old days I used to take these meetings with vendors and learn all these things without ever getting a chance to write or share anything. So now I thought, "Screw it. I'll just turn on a camera and do the briefing on video." So here you go! It's a bit long (over an hour), but if you want to learn about Wanova, you'll be in good shape after this video.

I'll be doing a similar video with Kaviza this week. Who should be next?

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The software looks extremely polished for a 1.3 version. Compare that to the Citrix Synchronizer for XenClient and the Wanova Mirage looks a lot more mature. Of course Citrix put more effort into the client hypervisor than into the Synchronizer, but I would like to see the Citrix Synchronizer to get to the level of functionality that Wanova Mirage offers today.

I am also surprised that you didn't bring up Citrix as a Wanova competitor during the interview. Both Citrix and Wanova are targeting the same use case, which is managing mobile Windows PCs and pulling their data into the data center. And I am certain that Citrix has the more persuading sales pitches in the cases where Citrix and Wanova might go head to head in the future.

From what I gathered from the video, the Wanova Mirage software architecture seems a bit simpler than the whole cache cloud / cache point stuff from Unidesk. Building desktop virtualization without any hypervisors might actually be a smart thing to do. :) How many corporate IT users really require a client hypervisor on their laptops?! Most of them just want the f***ing laptop to work when they need it to work. :) Meeting this basic requirement seems to be the core value of Wanova Mirage in its current version.

I'm looking forward to see and read more from Wanova in the future!


I agree.. looks pretty nice.  And although there are obvious benefits to having a client side hypervisor, the HCL's that are required so far by companies like Citrix, Virtual Computer, etc... makes not needing one tempting.

Wanova: if you are listening take Brian's advice and put a demo version out on your site so companies can give it a test run!


I'd like to thank Brian and the community for a valuable feedback.

We have since released a free 5-seat demo version of our Wanova Mirage product for the community to try-out and of course provide us with further feedback and suggestions.

You can find it here:


I can't find the video. Is it still there?