VMworld 2011 Video: Teradici's Apex 2800 PCoIP Server Offload Card Demo

Stuart Robinson, Director of Systems Engineering at Teradici shows off the Apex 2800 PCoIP Sever Offload card, capable of handling 64 displays.

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Glad to see this is finally coming to market. Teradici have had it on their site for 6 months already and have diligently ignored every email or web query I've sent their way about it!

Looking forward to seeing how the first VDI savvy server appliance vendor who integrates this for a decent price does...

I'll have one of these, a couple of low price, high core count AMD bulldozer chips, a big stack of memory, and some clever Nutani-ish automatic tiered SSD+SATA NAS emulation storage layer in a 1U appliance for a sensible non-early-adopter price please!

Glad to see Teradici aren't being daft with the pricing either - $1999 RRP, hopefully $1500 from retailers is low enough to make these a no brainer for decent density View deployments as any higher than that and it becomes cheaper to throw more CPU at most cases so as to retain a more flexible server overall. Nice one.