VMworld 2011 Day 2 Keynote live blog. (The technical one with desktop stuff)

Today is Day 2 VMware, and it kicks off with a technical keynote from VMware CTO Steve Herrod. I'm sitting in the blogger area with Gabe Knuth. I'll live blog the desktop and end-user computing topics here, and you can follow twitter updates from @GabeKnuth.

7:55 I think we're supposed to start at 8. In addition to the announcements that VMware made yesterday about the desktop, we just learned of two new things: App Blast and Octopus.

8:05 Still waiting for it to start.

8:08 We're underway with a video about vCenter. Since BrianMadden.com just covers desktop virtualization, I'm only going to write about desktop and end user-related keynote content. So we might have a long time between updates.

8:13 Right now he's talking about the broad trends and the "Post PC" era. This echoes what Paul mentioned yesterday.. Focusing on apps, collaboration, working in the style of the users, file liberation, no longer about provisioning machines, consumerization of IT, the connected enterprise, IT is a strategic service provider, any devices, anywhere, the connected enterprise, real time connections, shared work streams, tools used regardless of platform, working the way people are designed to work, all made possible by IT who can create, innovate, and even take vacations. (Seriously, every one of those phrases was in that two minute video. #keywordstuffing #win

8:15 Woot! We're starting with the desktop stuff.. Well, "applications" and "data." But that's us!

8:17 Three pillers. (1) Simplify and extract your apps from their silos. Once you do that you can (2) apply common policies and common security and manage them as one, which leads to (3) something about connecting people.. I missed that a bit.

8:18 This is what View is about. But sometimes you don't want a full desktop, you just want apps. So that's where ThinApp comes in. But this is weird.. why don't they mention TS single app publishing? I wonder if they're going to add that to Future View??

8:19 Ok, so this is getting complex, but the jist is that you need a universal service broker to connect the users to their apps, all apps need to but delivered via the same framework and broken out of their traditional desktops. Obviously this plays into View and Horizon. This is actually pretty cool stuff. Good cohesive vision.

8:21 Demo of provisioning 1,000 View 5 linked clones desktops. He's showing how easy it is to provision desktops. Well, yeah, if it's just Windows. What about apps, profiles, etc.

8:23 "Sometimes people don't want a full Windows desktop, and that's where ThinApp comes in." But again, what about Windows apps on non-Windows platforms?? Why the F doesn't VMware have single app seamless Windows from View VMs? They could be non persistent? No TS? Why not??

8:24 Current demo shows the new ThinApp support for Horizon App Manager. He's mentioning how behind the scenes they're scanning the existing Windows apps and scanning apps and creating ThinApp packages. But I don't think it's doing the initial ThinApp package creation. I think it's just converting older ThinApp packages to the new 4.6.2 with the DLL to support Horizon. Still cool though.

8:26 Now the demo is showing the Horizon thing scanning AD so you can provision the Horizon apps (now including Windows-based ThinApps) to your users or groups. And of course you can make it so that the apps are pushed to them or the users can self-provision.

8:27 Now moving onto the topic of "data." Herrod asked how many peeps in the audience are using DropBox, and how many are supposed to use DropBox. He's talking about a new project called "Project Octopus"

8:28 Demo is showing IT admin configuring data sharing. I think Zimbra had a data sync feature like Dropbox. But is VMware hosting this? Ah, he said it can be via the public cloud or the private cloud.

8:30 Vittorio is on stage pretending to be an employee at his first day and work.. showing how easy it is to get up and running with all this stuff. But they are doing a fun green-screen effect. Nice touch!

8:33 Wow, you can activate your Android phone from the portal. It sends you a text message to download the MVP Horizon Mobile Type 2 Android OS on the device. Yeah this is badass...

8:35 Of course there are a few missing pieces. Like about about portable Windows users? (like, say... laptops?) D'oh!

8:36 VMware MVP is officially called "Horizon Mobile." Of course when he says "they want to be able to use whatever device they want." But he forgot the footnote which is "if they like Android." Right now they're partnering with Samsung and LG.

8:39 Back to Vittorio, now he's in a coffee shop. Showing what appears to be a native iPad app for Horizon. A colleague send him an Excel file. He's editing it with the native iPad browser via a new tech project from VMware called "AppBlast." Windows apps to HTML. They also did a video conference call demo, but it was fake.. so not sure exactly what they were showing there.

8:43 Herrod's back, explaining that the video demo was showing the new unified communications capabilities of View 5. Although that doesn't really jive with the whole "zero client" thing.

8:44 Nice, Vittorio left his phone at the cafe on stage. But IT can remote wipe the Horizon Mobile component.

8:46 Herrod is showing the vSphere client for iPad. I'm going to go silent while he's going through the non-desktop stuff.

8:48 I can best summarize my feelings on the desktop stuff in this keynote with a tweet: "So here's what's crazy about this: I want all this Horizon stuff. Like as a user, I want it. I have never wanted anything that Citrix makes."

9:26 and we're done. Off to the TechTarget booth where we have a live show at 11.

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Brian Maddan said:

"So here's what's crazy about this: I want all this Horizon stuff. Like as a user, I want it. I have never wanted anything that Citrix makes."

Please elaborate.


Could be great to provide a clear compareason between VMW Horizon and CTXS Cloud Gateway, based on fact and vision ?