VMworld 2010 Video: Interview with VMware's Noah Wasmer about Project Horizon


Last week at their VMworld 2010 conference in San Francisco, VMware announced and demoed an upcoming product known by the codename “Horizon.” (Formerly known as “Origami” and the subject of a blog post on BrianMadden.com last week.)

Horizon was announced via a press release filled of clutch phrases like “IT as a Service is the transformation of IT to a more business-centric approach, focusing on outcomes such as operational efficiency, competitiveness and rapid response.” (!?!) Fortunately they also showed a demo of Project Horizon on during the opening keynote, and I was also to get some time to talk to VMware’s Horizon creator Noah Wasmer.


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I am really impressed with how VMware took a step back to evaluate View and their initiatives. Horizon actually sounds quite appealling moving forward (the concept is not something I would look at today). Albeit it's not an original idea, and involves certain areas where vendor lock-in exists.

I really like how they embrace technologies that compete with View (App-V, XenApp, etc.). It creates a usable solution because in today's world windows apps prevail.

It also does something that VMware normally doesn't do, it validates the ecosystem and shows me that VMware recognises that other technologies exist other than their own and that they are willing to manage them.

Granted they have no choice because of the current world, and if they have it their way it will be a VMware world with no legacy Windows apps. But I may be missing something with this goal.... Why are Windows apps legacy apps? Is it because they are for Windows and not for the Cloud? Is it to get apps on any device, any where? If so, why trade one dictator for another? Why not utilize desktop virtualization for your current technologies for your enterprise?

This concept is no doubt the future, but for my organization whether it's this vendor or in my life time is another story.


Not going to do anything for the desktop for years to come. That's the problem, how do you get there. Well you start with solving problems on the desktop first gaining trust and then moving towards a future option. It will be an option not a total replacement. Gap is, no trust is being gained with the crappy View 4.5 capabilities today. Also Centrix do this, Dazzle can do this if they add SaaS and SSO, and MS are even talking about it in their leaked Windows 8 documents. So good to see fwd thinking, now only if we would see something more real from VMW on the desktop. It's why Cisco-Citrix https://bit.ly/bFDsps was announced today and not Cisco-VMW on the desktop with UCS.