VMworld 2010 Expo Hall: a video of Wyse PocketCloud 2.0 for iPad, iPhone, and Android

We had a chance to get a guided tour of Wyse PocketCloud 2.0 for the iPad, iPhone, and Android from Daniel Barreto, Chief Software Architect for Wyse Technology.


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"Because i'm an iPhone guy"... Gabe, Gabe, Gabe..... please buy an Android phone, so you can be both an iPhone and Android guy... and then in about 1-2 years, you will only be an Android guy ;-)



Totally agree. Many Android phones have already surpassed the iPhone. The Samsung Vibrant is one such example.


Yeah yeah, I know. It's not like I hate the Android, though. I have a contract on the iPhone, and my Blackberry is provided by work. If there was a way to remotely brick an Android phone, I could probably make the business case to swap out the Blackberry for one.



Yes in Denmark the Android phones has already surpassed the iPhone, It's not much, but it's going in that direction right now.

It might be the same with the iPad and Android tablet at some point, but if the rumor is correct then the Samsung Galaxy tablet with Android installed, will cost about $1200 here in DK, and that is just crazy...


The Android market will fragment into chaos because nobody agrees to standards. That's why the iPhone ecosystem will stay intact.


Totally agree.