VMworld 2010 Expo Hall Tour: a video of Teradici's booth demos

VMworld 2010 is taking place this week in San Francisco. Gabe and I are attending and spent some time walking around the expo hall talking to vendors about their desktop virtualization offerings. In this video, Brian talks to Teradici's Ziad Lammam. We looked at the latest PC-over-IP enhancements & products, and we talked about the new multi-user hardware offload card that Teradici is planning on releasing next year.

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Brian, great comment about the irony of a management console for a "zero" client.  I was thinking the same thing right as he said it.

Other than that i thought it looked pretty good.  The monitor with built-in chips is a cool idea.  I can only hope for more interesting ideas like this to up the competition and for vendors to keep pushing the envelope.  


This may have been covered before but why hasn't VMware bought Teradici? Especially considering it appears to be the only thing giving their solution creedance.


FYI - The 'zero' in zero clients stands for zero application layer within the firmware.  It's a different software stack/architecture that doesn't have an application layer that virus, etc. can compile/execute.  

It doesn't stand for zero management.  The management of the devices is straight forward and simple.