VMware Horizon Mobile will do app wrapping for iOS (VMworld 2012 video)

Yesterday at VMworld in San Francisco VMware announced that Horizon Suite (the new name encompassing many of VMware's end user computing products) will do app wrapping for native iOS apps. We've been expecting some sort of iOS mobile application management from VMware for quite a while now, since their existing mobile virtualization platform is Android only. The iOS product was described as being in Alpha, and currently the Android product is in beta, with no release date announced yet. 

I'll have a full analysis in a day or two, but for now we have a quick video demo with Courtney Skay, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Mobile Solutions at VMware.

The first part of this video shows wrapped native iOS applications, and the second part shows the management console for the Android product. (If you're not familiar, the Android product is a full instance of the operating system that runs as a guest virtual machine on the phone. The guest VM is completely controlled by IT—so the management interface is kind of like any typical mobile device management solution—and the host Android operating system remains unmanaged, like any personal phone.)

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