The state of desktop virtualization in 2016: How we got here

I was in Dallas tonight speaking at a dinner sponsored by Dell & VMware. My presentation was Desktop Virtualization in 2016 or How literally every aspect of the past 20 years of the enterprise desktop has combined to make our jobs difficult in 2016. In it, I explained how and why VDI failed to take hold the first time around, why it's important to get it right, and why it's different this time.

I recorded this myself using Camtasia and my laptop, so the angle is a bit weird, and the exposure and focus tend to go in and out. Also this was a dinner event, so you hear the sounds of people eating. :) So not the best quality video, but the slides and audio are solid, and I don't have any other videos of this presentation (which I've given several times), so I decided to record it since tonight was the last time I'll give it.

I also referenced two other videos of presentations I've given in the past. Here are YouTube links to those:

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