Teradici's VMworld 2012 demos: PCoIP for RDSH and new offload cards

We're just digging out of VMworld 2012 which took place last week. We shot lots of video, including this conversation with Teradici's Stuart Robinson.

I'm most excited about their announcement of PCoIP for RDSH (Terminal Server) which Gabe wrote about a few weeks ago. PCoIP on RDSH can be software- or hardware-based, and it hooks right into VMware View so that View can broker PCoIP to RDSH in addition to VDI. The only shitty thing is that VMware so far is unwilling to take on the costs themselves, so current View customers will have to pay an additional fee to Teradici if they want PCoIP on RDSH. (So VMware talks about how View supports PCoIP and RDSH, but in the fine print PCoIP is only for VDI or RDSH is only RDP or RemoteFX unless you pay Teradici for PCoIP for RDSH. Weird) Hopefully VMware will come around soon and build that cost right into View.

Teradici also showed off some updated versions of their Apex offload cards. The main card is half the height, so it will fit in more servers. They're also coming out with an MXM card for blade servers.

They also showed a "shared GPU demo" where they can now to PCoIP encoding (either via software or hardware) after the GPU (or vGPU), so you can get full GPU support (DirectX, etc.) and still have full PCoIP.

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