Take a look at what Mocana is doing with MAM and the Atlas VPN platform

We’ve been following Mocana's mobile app management and VPN products for a while now—most recently with coverage of their partnerships with SAP and Apperian.

A few weeks ago I was at Mocana’s customer and analyst day where their VP of Products Alan Panezic was presenting and made some great points comparing the security and UX of Exchange ActiveSync with the security and UX of other enterprise mobile apps.

I wanted to share (or borrow!) the points Alan made, and I’ve wanted to take a closer look at Mocana’s technology anyway, so last week I invited him over to our studio in San Francisco to record an interview.

In we covered a lot of ground in an interesting conversation.


  • The use cases for app-level mobile app management, including the extended enterprise and unmanaged devices.
  • Why Exchange ActiveSync is the ultimate model for security and UX.
  • The Mocana Atlas platform UX and security features.
  • Why Mocana decided to build their own VPN.
  • Using the Lighthouse SDK to do the last step for SSO directly into an app.


Kyle Champlin, a Senior Solutions Architect at Mocana, gave a demonstration of the enrollment process.

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