Sponsored by Citrix: Brian Madden learns about virtual networking and why it matters for VDI

Brian Madden is the typical desktop virtualization architect. He knows the ins-and-outs of VDI, RDSH, virtual servers, user profiles, application delivery, and printing. But when it comes to networking, he (like many of us), tends to think of that as "someone else's job." He's quick to say that he's not a "networking guy." While there's nothing fundamentally wrong with that, the world of networking has been changing just as fast as the world of servers and desktops. After all, we now have virtual switches and virtual networks just like virtual servers and virtual desktops.

This is something Brian has been thinking about a lot over the past few years. If we have a server full of desktop VMs and we move a VM from one server to another, what does that mean for the network? Do we have to make sure the new server is plugged into the same switch as the old server?

Doesn't that negate the whole point of separating a VM from its hardware?

And what about this virtual switch thing? Should we even put policies on physical switches anymore?

To answer those questions, Brian drove from his home in San Francisco down to Citrix's office in Santa Clara to meet with Steve Shah, Citrix's Senior Director for NetScaler, to understand just how this "virtual networking thing" works and how it applies to virtual desktops. If you've had your head buried in desktop-land for the past few years (as Brian has), check out this ten-minute video to get up to speed with what's happening in the virtual networking space.

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