Seeing Brian speak makes me want to TRIM the memory from my SSD

Hi All! Long-time lurker, first-time poster. After watching Brian speak countless times over the past nine months, I figured that it was time for me to share a few thoughts, namely, that I'M SICK OF SEEING BRIAN SPEAK! Seriously! It's the same goddamned thing each week. "Blah blah blah desktop virtualization is different than server virtualization." Or "Boo hoo hoo, we're too busy focusing on Windows 7 to be bothered with desktop virtualization." Or my favorite, "Wah wah, storage is expensive!"

Like last week, I went with Brian down to Australia and New Zealand. And while you'd think that would be a fun trip, it was ruined by me having to listen to five consecutive days of desktop virtualization crap.

And of course I always have to watch him front-and-center. And I have to pay attention! He pumps me full of caffeine so I can't even sleep! Blah blah blah whatever. Here's a sample of what I had to deal with in Sydney last week:

Oh, btw, desktop virtualization sucks. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. Physical / local 4EVER!!!!


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BTW, in case you're actually interested in the content of what I was speaking about, here are the topics I talked about in this presentation:

1. The adoption rate of desktop virtualization

2. Desktop virtualization is not about saving money

3. Don't forget about the traditional desktops

4. Windows sucks and is making our lives difficult

5. Storage

5A. Storage management is not image management

6. Client-based desktops

6A. Bare metal Type 1 client hypervisors

6B. Don't forget about Type 2 for clients

7. ODPU (One desktop per user)

8. The Consumerization of IT

9. The Desktop versus the desktop

10. The future of Windows

The overall presentation was similar to the one I gave at Citrix Synergy a few months ago, except I went into much more detail since I was able to talk for 1h45m instead of just 45m.

BTW, @Laptop, The local desktop is dead. Deal with it.