Reducing Problem Resolution Times in MetaFrame and Web Apps - Sponsored by VIEO, from BriForum 2005

This is a video of a breakout session from BriForum 2005.

Session Description: Today’s automobiles are working marvels. The mechanical complexity and sheer number of measurements and controls needed to keep the auto running at its peak have necessitated the use of multiple onboard computers. That, of course, insulates you from all that complexity. From the driver’s perspective, the automobile remains a simple machine to operate and a reliable mode of transport from point A to point B. The complexity of today’s business applications has far surpassed that of the automobile. Business “drivers” must be certain that their applications get them from point A to point B in real time. Yet most tools that manage the performance and availability of those systems do little more than collect information and pass it to humans, who must attempt to understand it, correlate it, and act upon it in real time. Complexity, criticality, and cost have contributed directly to lengthening the process of service level management and have made business leaders uncertain about the ability of the application to meet business goals. This session will take a closer look at how the “mechanics” of the IT department can significantly reduce problem resolution in Citrix and/or web application environments.

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