Quest's Rob Mallicoat shows some new features of vWorkspace 7.1

I had a chance to catch up with Quest this week while at MMS 2010, just a few days after their announcement of vWorkspace 7.1.  Rob Mallicoat (who also joined us for Geek Week earlier this year) took a few minutes to show off some of the new features. In this video, we talk about the addition of support for Hyper-V diff disks, the integration with Microsoft's Windows 2008 R2 Connection Broker, and we'll have a quick conversation about the updates made to Quest's EOP Xtream enhancements to RDP.


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I have no audio? Is that a me problem?


The video is playing with audio for me just now as I'm typing this.. (and I also refreshed to make sure.) So it works for me? Dunno what the problem might me?


No audio for me either...tried a couple different browsers too.


Thanks for the update on vW 7.1. Very interesting. Really.

Regarding audio. Yeah, I laso had that. It just vanished, came back, vanished.... Rather than being a Flash 10.1 RC issue I think it's down to prioratizing stream within the codec when b/w suffers -  where audio is taking the low prio beat. Well, thats my guess :)


I've tried IE, Chrome & FF, still no audio

btw, the other video play fine


Sorry all,

It appears that the lower bitrate renditions of this video work well, but the higher bitrate ones aren't working. I'll have to re-upload this video before I can change it, so we're looking at a couple hours.


Ok, it's a new video up there. It works for me - keep us posted on how it works for you.


all good, thx


Some excellent stuff. Quite a good set of new features for a DOT release/update.

It would be good to get some info on differencing disk scaling/limits/etc. How does it compare to the not-so-impressive link clones from VMware? - limits of 64VM's per LUN/replica?

The sysprep addition is most welcome too. I hate Windows System Image Manager!!



@ Daniel, Microsoft has a document on the performancing and scaling of VHDs in 2008 R2.


@Patrick - Cheers for that.