Pierre Marmignon discusses Norskale Transformer, "tiny PC instead of thin client" debate continues

From the "oops-we-forgot-we-had-this-video" department, here's a video from Citrix Synergy last month of Gabe Knuth talking to BriForum presenter Pierre Marmignon about Norskale's (his company's) new product called "Norskale Transformer." Transformer is a product that, well, "transforms" a regular Windows dekstop into a thin client. While there are several similar products on the market, Transformer is a bit different than many because:

  • It just transforms an existing dekstop instantly. You don't have to reinstall or rebuild anything.
  • It is not a shell replacement, meaning that all the sticky things that need a real Windows shell (like smart cards, single sign-on agents, etc.) still work
  • You still have the choice to run local applications which you can mix with your remote desktops, even using Citrix's new Local Application Access ("reverse seamless") functionality.
  • You get the full HDX, highest end regular Windows Citrix Receiver as your client

Transformer also integrates with any personalization or profile management tool you already have in place (whether it's Norskale's VUEM or something else like AppSense or RES). This means you can use your existing tools to push down configurations, files, manage printers. etc.

It integrates with VUEM to manage printers, push files, settings, etc.

Man, combine this with something like the tiny PCs from ShuttleTiny Green PC, fit-PC, LittlePC (or any one of the other $400-ish tiny footprint Windows PCs), and you really have something cool! Especially better than WES7 and especially since you need SA to use VDI anyway (which means you're paying for a full Windows license whether you're using it or not). I think Jeroen van de Kamp's post from 2010 about Windows 7 clients being the cheapest option still applies today?

Man, I just really like something like this instead of a more typical thin client. Same apps, clients, management, etc. across the board.

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Since this is a feature of the bigger product I don't think I would ever care unless I really bought into the whole Norskale value prop.