Panzura explains their Global File System and how they can help you deploy XenDesktop from AWS

I stopped by the Panzura booth at Citrix Synergy to learn more about what they mean when they say “Deploy XenDesktop completely in the cloud.” Prior to the show I’d heard from several people that I needed to check them out, and when Panzura was announced as a finalist in the Best New Technology category of the Best of Synergy awards, I had to check them out.

Panzura has actually be around for quite a while selling a product called Global File System that is based upon Panzura controllers located at branch offices and in the cloud. This appliance acts as local file storage to local users while adding in redundancy between nodes and the ability to lock files globally across the entire system. Using a virtual appliance, companies can add storage from AWS to their environment, allowing anything else that you have in AWS to have access to the same data. It’s all stored securely because of the way Panzura slices up and encrypts the data as it’s written into their system (FIPS 140-2)

Panzura built upon their close ties to AWS by adding in the ability to build out an entire XenDesktop environment with just a few clicks. The rationale is that since the data is safely in AWS (and in sync anywhere else), the XenDesktop experience will be great because the desktops are close to the (secure) data. That’s interesting because one of the barriers to running desktops in the cloud (not just DaaS but any desktop from the cloud) is what to do with the user and application data.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

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