New Dell Wyse Teradici clients support quad displays, but at a price

At VMworld last month, Dell Wyse announced two new clients based on Teradici's hardware PCoIP chips. First, they old P20 model is being replaced by the P25. The Wyse P25 is basically the same as the old one except the Teradici chip in it can support higher resolutions, (now 2560x1600 for a single display or 1920x1200 for dual displays). They also announced the Wyse P45 which has a more powerful Teradici chip in it. The P45 can drive quad displays at 1920x1200 or dual displays at 2560x1600.

By prepared for some price shock though. The street price of the P25 is about $400 while the P45 is a whopping $845! (Yeah yeah, I know it's not all about price, and I know $845 is good for something that can drive four displays, but just keep in mind if you want four 1920x1200 displays on you're desk, you're not talking about some $200 thin client.)

I had a conversation with Dell's Kiran Rao about the P25 and P45. Specifically I asked him, "Why Dell?" If these are just based on Teradici's chips, why not buy them from EVGA or whomever the cheapest maker is? He said flat out and yeah, these are the same. The reason for buying from Dell is just because you can buy everything else from Dell too. It's not likely that all your users will use PCoIP with VMware View. So with Dell, you can buy your more traditional thin clients, laptops, etc. Also, even though these things are sold as "zero" clients, they're not really zero in that they have firmware on them. If you buy them from Dell, then you can use the same Wyse management software across the board.

Here's the video from VMworld of my conversation with Dell's Kiran Rao about these new clients. Also, if you haven't seen it, check out the video we shot in Teradici's booth  which covers the rest of their VMworld PCoIP announcements. 

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