MMS 2012 Video: RES HyperDrive demo

Bob Jansenn, CTO of RES Software, gave me a quick demo of HyperDrive, live on the expo hall floor at Microsoft Management Summit 2012 in Las Vegas.

HyperDrive is a mobile file syncing service, and is a key component of RES's "Follow-me-IT" concept. HyperDrive was announced in January, and a beta release is expected next week. We'll keep you posted.

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Bob mentioned "on-premise", Does this therefore not attach with cloud storage such as Amazon, Skydrive etc?

If it is on-premise only, does it need dedicated storage on premise? i.e. a hyperdrive server for the backend or will it make use of existing storage?

Thank you


You set up your RES HyperDrive Virtual Appliance to run in your virtual infrastructure and it will make use of dedicated storage (similar to where the VMs live). RES HyperDrive provides block level sync of files which gives the user a great performance experience and saves a lot of bandwidth.