Look out Citrix/VMware/Ericom: Dell-Wyse joins the HTML5 RDP client club with Project Freezer

One of the surprises of VMworld was that Wyse (now "Dell Wyse") is building their own HTML5 RDP. The benefit of HTML5 clients is that you don't have to install anything on your actual client device. You just visit a web page and you're immediately able to access a remote Windows desktop or application. So far Ericom seems to have the most widely available client HTML5 client, (check out my in-depth review from January), though Citrix has recently released one for Chrome and Firefox, and VMware has shown some technology demonstrations but has not yet released anything.

I got a demo of Dell Wyse's HTML5 client from Ken Coley. They're saying that it's a "less than zero" client, or "sub zero." (The project name is "Project Freezer." Tada!!)

Why's Dell Wyse getting into this market? Ken said that it's part of Dell's desire to provide connections to users anywhere, anytime, from any device. Project Freezer will come out in beta soon with the goal of it going on sale by the end of the year.

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Citrix has an HTML5 client for Chrome and Firefox web browsers now, in addition to the ChromeBook client:



Cool thanks for the info! I've updated the article text.


OK, it's great that if your browser is HTML5 compliant, you don't need to install anything. So? That may be fine for casual use, but don't you still need a backend gateway? I'm also skeptical about performance - is it on par with an installed client experience?



No - far from it, but it has its uses and it's getting better...

It's good for that "almost casual" use category...


HTML5 remind me the time of the Java client... Just a browser and there you are ! but...

- performance and experience was never as good as native client

- "HTML5 is the next IE6"

but that's a good thing to have in your portfolio if you want to guarantee access from everywhere.



You should check out the vWorkspace Java client ;) - It's surprisingly good.


Interestingly, Ulteo has released their first HTML5 client as a demo today!

Check out www.ulteo.com/.../12

There are some interesting videos on PC, iPad and Android devices.