LoginVSI plans to create the best VDI / RDSH monitoring solution ever!

One of the coolest things I learned at VMworld last month was that LoginVSI is planning to create a sort of monitoring tool that will be, hands-down, exactly what's we've been needing for the past 15 years. I can't wait!

You probably know LoginVSI from their namesake tool that lets you run simulated sessions on VDI or RDSH servers to test how many users you can get on a particular server. (We like the LoginVSI product so much that we named it as a finalist for the Best of VMworld 2014 awards in the desktop and EUC category.)

Their new product (unnamed that this point) will essentially let you run a LoginVSI session in simulation mode which can then report real time speed results to your monitoring tool! I LOVE this because it's not based on perfmon counter metrics, rather, it's based on how long actual real world tasks take. This is awesome because if (for example), Word is taking a long time to open a document, I don't care what my metrics say—I just care that I have a problem somewhere that I need to fix. (And the flip side to that is true too. If I have all sorts of perfmon counters in the red but my user sessions are humming along fine, I don't have a problem.)

What's cool with LoginVSI's plans is that they are NOT planning on becoming a monitoring vendor. They're just going to use LoginVSI to instrument real world session performance, and then you can roll that up to your existing monitoring and reporting tool. (System Center, Lakeside Software, Xangati, whatever...)

I talked to Jeroen van de Kamp about this last week at the show. (Actually, he told me about it and I was like, "Wait! This is amazing! Let me go find Justin and come back with the camera."

hmm... for some reason I can't get the video to embed. Here's the direct link to it: http://bcove.me/znfnu3ws

Now... what should they call this thing? Any suggestions?

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Pixilation  (dictionary.reference.com/.../pixilation )

Now where do I pick up the car?


Instead of NAM, how about NJAM, Not Just Another Monitor.

Sounds like a really cool solution, Management will understand the results, unlike metrics.


so just to be clear - you are slobbering over a compnay that was too dumb to find a way to monetize what they had for the past decade, and now, because they are going to inject metrics into more intelligent solutions - you are cheering?

and you get paid for this?


Yep!! Exactly!!!

(Well, except for the part about them being too dumb to do this for the past decade since LoginVSI isn't that old. Oh, and the part about the intelligence of YAMs since I've written about that on and off for 15 years... But the part about me getting paid because people like you visit my site and post comments, yep! That's true 100%!!!)


I totally get your excitement Brian.  Running a MS TS farm in various configurations since 2003 over many different iterations of hardware, I have always ALWAYS wanted to get some kind of emperical, objective evidence of application slowdowns.

As anybody who looks after mulit-user systems day to day will realise, a lot of the performance issues can be completely sporadic.  It's also very very hard to capture slowdown using traditional metrics, hence needing half a dozen realtime perfmon counters running constantly.  It's also notoriously hard to get any more pertinent problem descriptions than "outlook is slow", which as we know, could point to any one of a hundred different back end issues.

*runs off to see how he can sign up to the Beta*


Login VSI = Virtual Session Indexer

How about:

Login VSA = Virtual Session Analyzer

or VSAT = Virtual Session Analysis Tool


I pinged LoginVSI last year to see if their product could be used as a replacement for EdgeSight Active Application Monitoring to generate users load  but it wasn't on their roadmap at the time. Glad to hear they are bringing out a product to generate synthetic user load that can be monitored as it is definitely a space that needs an affordable and simple solution.

Currently we are using Compuware synthetic load generation but it can be very complex and a pain to work with.

New name

User Experience Generator LoginUEG

This will roll up into

User Experience Monitoring tools




Just a probing solution...