Introducing Geek Week: VDI - A week-long look at the top VDI products in the industry

We'd like to welcome you to the first of what we hope will be many future Geek Week "specials" on The idea behind Geek Week is simple: Examine, as best we can, one vendor's product per day for a week. For this inaugural Geek Week, we chose to take a look at VDI products from the companies that you, the community, wanted to see.  After the first round of votes, we settled on VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, and Quest, but the votes for the final slot were so close that we decided to have a run-off vote.  In the end, we settled on Virtual Bridges as the fifth vendor, and Geek Week was underway. 

Many organizations are married to one product or another through existing relationships, while some are just getting started and looking for a direction. Because of that, our goal, at least this time around, was to get and share enough information to make it helpful for you to choose a path as you start looking into desktop virtualization. In order to make the best of the time we had, we stacked the deck. Each day we had at least one, sometimes two, representatives from each vendor on site with us. We watched as the assembled their solutions from scratch, asking questions and putting them on the spot every chance we could.

What we saw this week was really helpful to us, and we think it will be to you, too. To kick off Geek Week: VDI, Brian and I recorded an introduction video that explains a little bit more about Geek Week, our test environment, and what to expect.

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Thanks guys. This is gonna be a great week!


Took some time out today to watch and read all the content for day one of Geek Week.

Have to say, guys am very impressed by the format, quality and quantity of the content. You've answered pretty much most of the questions you set out to address, and whilst it takes some time to get through everything - the real essence of the solution is captured.

Can't wait to see the content from the rest of the week - I hope they all have the same kind of breadth and depth - this could easily become a kind of high level quick reference guide/library for each solution.

Good job.


Content so far has been fantastic. Keep up the good work.

I noticed on one of the Blogs that Gabe was already thinking about what to include in the next "Geek Week", and he's already thought about a protocol "deep dive".

I'd just like to add my vote for that, as in my opinion it doesn't matter how cool the rest of the technology is, if the user thinks the experience is poor then you've got a problem.

What I'd like to see is all the various protocols tested in a realistic WAN environment. But, and here's the difference, I'd like to see them tested for multiple users over the same WAN connection, such as you would find if you were using VDI in a branch office. I know that this is quite tricky to set up, you'll need 20 or 30 edge devices, a script to emulate typical user behaviour (not just opening and closing documents, but entering data and scrolling around documents) a couple of willing helpers to keep re-running the tests and a couple of real people using the same WAN connection to see how well it's holding up.

I think this would be of great interest to a large number of people, and because it's not something that's easy to do yourself it would be of huge value.