IBM Fiberlink announces on-premises deployment and more (Video from Mobile World Congress 2014)

Last week at Mobile World Congress, Fiberlink announced several product updates, including that MaaS360, formally a cloud-only EMM suite, will now come with an on-premises option as well. In this video we talk with Neil Florio, VP of Marketing, and John Nielson, a Maas360 product manager.

Off camera, I talked a lot with the Fiberlink crew about what life is like now that they're a part of IBM. As can be expected, it's opened the door for a lot of large-scale deals, and in fact IBM has just recently rolled out MaaS360 internally for over 70,000 employees.

In this video:

  • There's a lot of work going on to integrate MaaS360 with IBM's range of MobileFirst products. They've started by integrating into Worklight.
  • The main announcement at Mobile World Congress: MaaS360 on-premises.
  • MaaS360 now has containerized mobile app management for Windows Phone 8 (including apps for email, browsing, and file syncing).
  • There have been several improvements to their file syncing product, including editing capabilities.
  • The MaaS360 apps can now be deployed onto devices that are not managed with MDM.
  • In the final part of the video, John Nielson gives us a demo of new file sync and share features.
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