I guess we’ll be adding “Award Winning” to all future projects…

As some of you may know, we here at TechTarget and BrianMadden.com do more than vent on the state of the desktop virtualization industry. Over the past seven months, Jack, Brian, Gabe and I developed an entertaining series of videos for RIM showing the trials and tribulations of being an IT admin lacking any sort of proper management tool for mobile devices. The series ultimately has thirty videos, some of which haven’t even been publicly published yet.

Last week, Digiday recognized our work with a Digiday Video Award for Best Video Campaign in the Business to Business category for 2012. I traveled to Times Square in NYC to attend the awards gala (and grab a few slices of pizza).


Developing a video campaign like this was pretty new for all of us, but each of us came in with our own strengths to make this happen. Jack project-managed the heck out of this—keeping us on track, brainstorming brilliant, zany ideas, and showing acting chops I don’t think he knew he had. Here’s Jack’s favorite video from the series, titled MDM Chemistry: (A parody of the BBC "Look Around You" series.)

Gabe, even though he’s remote most of the time, managed to pop in for the filming of a few videos and contributed invaluable idea generation for scripts and concepts. Here’s Gabe’s favorite video, called Splash. (The reason this is his favorite is because it's in his backyard. Gabe and Brian had just returned from Home Depot with a roll of plastic and an irrigation hose to entertain his family in the 100-degree heat, and they were talking with some friends there about how cool these videos were and how they got to buy fun props. They joked that they could make a video on anything. "Anything?" one friend asked... "I'll bet you can't make a video right now!" Challenge accepted!)

Brian, the star of our show, slipped into his character as the crazed IT guy while Gabe and idea guy Terry Knief played each recorded a portion of the 100' run. Brian travels more than he’s here, so Jack and I really appreciated that when he was home, he made this priority one. We also appreciated him allowing us to tear his house apart several times in the interest of having more settings than just the office. I suspect Brian grew to like that terrible shirt, tie, and doofy shoes. This is Brian’s favorite video, called Blocking Apps Is Futile:

As for me, I really enjoyed being on the technical end of this. In addition to atypical camera work, I also got the pleasure of digging into Adobe’s After Effects. Here’s my favorite video from the series, titled Laser App:


We’d like to thank all the TechTarget staff in the West Coast office for participating, as well as putting up with our various shenanigans while just trying to do their jobs.

Expect more award-winning content to come out next year and keep track of this series at www.embracingmobilechaos.com.  

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Man.. this project was so fun! Justin also posted a video to YouTube full of out takes and bloopers.. warning.. you will hear us cursing in this! :)



you want to get a funny professional video...

Check the Publicis group (communication company) CIO greetings. Pause the video, change resolution, play with volume, go forward and backward... Do anything you want on this video... but do it several times.

So great !



My son makes a cameo in the part that comes after the tip at the end of the Splash video :)

Plus, you can clearly see Terry (the guy with the idea) shooting the second half of the slide on the left side  right after Brian starts sliding.

Man, I think we need directors cuts!