How to tune a desktop OS to run in VDI, a video from BriForum 2009

Presented by: Tim Mangan, Founder of TMurgent Technologies

One of the most often overlooked challenges in VDI environments is that most people don’t know how to tune a desktop OS so it can run as a VM on a remote server. Sure, we know all about server sizing and VM monitoring and SLAs. But when it comes time to actually build your XP or Vista image, what options should you choose? What hidden registry keys do you need to know about? What little “gotchas” did you later learn that you wish you first knew?

The problem is that there is not comprehensive “best practices” guide out there. So Tim Mangan wants to fix that. In this session, he’ll lead a discussion and gather ideas and best practices. So if you’re planning on rolling out any central image managed virtual desktop environment, this session is for you!

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