Geek Week VDI: Microsoft "in box" VDI Whiteboard (Part 1)

In this video from Geek Week: VDI, Microsoft's Michael Kleef takes us to the whiteboard to outline the pieces of Microsoft's "in box" VDI solution as well as it's big brother, VDI Suite. Also in this video are:

  • Fire alarms
  • CYA-ing (i.e. making sure the fire alarms weren't caused by our stuff)
  • Grabbing all the tapes of Geek Week, just in case

For a full analysis of the results of this video, read our summary of how Microsoft's "in box" VDI solution did in our Geek Week: VDI project. This video is part of our "Geek Week: VDI" project where Gabe and Brian tested five VDI products in five days. More information about this project, as well as videos from this vendor and others, is available at

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