Geek Week VDI: Citrix XenDesktop initial installation video (Part 1)

In this video from Geek Week: VDI, Citrix's Frank Anderson takes us through the initial installation and configuration of Citrix XenDesktop 4 on a vanilla XenServer environment. This video includes the installation and configuration of:

  • Citrix XenDesktop Desktop Delivery Controller
  • Building our sample Windows XP VM
  • Installation of the Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) into our VM
  • Initial HDX connection testing.

For a full analysis of the results of this video, read our summary of how Citrix XenDesktop 4 did in our Geek Week: VDI project. This video is part of our "Geek Week: VDI" project where Gabe and Brian tested five VDI products in five days. More information about this project, as well as videos from this vendor and others, is available at

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OMFG, you really put a VMware View commercial at the beginning of the XenDesktop video? wow.


Yeah I noticed that too...if I were Citrix Marketing, I'd be super pissed. HAVE to nuke the VMWare View ad before the Citrix XenDesktop ad!!!!!!


I noticed that too...

BRIAN!!! You HAVE to NUKE the VMWare View ad before your XenDesktop demonstration! Citrix Marketing would be super pissed!!!!


...ignore the double bad for not refreshing.


Does anyone know how we can download these videos for offline viewing? Overseas on a military base, the videos are not useful when caching after every 5 seconds of playing.  Brian?


Thanks for this video.

It was cool to see the Cleveland Browns and the Ohio State Penant in the background on the walls.

I am sure this is Brian's office. :)