Geek Week VDI: Citrix XenDesktop WAN experience testing (Part 3)

The purpose of this video was to test the user experience of Citrix XenDesktop 4 over a variety of user environments, including:

  • 100mbps LAN connection (00:30)
  • A "global" WAN scenario, with 768kbps, variable latency between 250-350ms, and 1% packet loss (5:15)
  • A "cross country" WAN scenario, with 1.5mbps, 75-150ms latency, and 0.5% packet loss (16:43)
  • A "metro" WAN scenario, with 5.0mbps, 30-40ms latency, and 0.5% packet loss (23:44)

Note about packet loss: Throughout the video, we variably referred to the "global" and the "cross country" scenarios as having either 1% or 0.5% packet loss. I can assure you that regardless of what we said on camera, the on-screen text (which matches the specifications above) is accurate. Only the "global" scenario had 1% packet loss. The others were set to 0.5%.

These videos are delivered via RTSP streaming, which means you can click and drag the playhead to any point in the video. The mm:ss times listed above correspond to the beginning of that section.

For a full analysis of the results of this video, read our summary of how Citrix XenDesktop 4 did in our Geek Week: VDI project. This video is part of our "Geek Week: VDI" project where Gabe and Brian tested five VDI products in five days. More information about this project, as well as videos from this vendor and others, is available at

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Which software have you used to simulate WAN scenario?


We used a hardware appliance, an Apposite Linktropy Mini2.


The delay shown with 1% packet loss is really due mainly to it and not to latency and/or bandwidth constrains. When there is loss, there will be retransmissions and that is where the problem is. Brian/Gabe I shipped you the packet loss remover devices so try it again under that case and you will see what happens with the overall performance.