Geek Week VDI: Citrix Provisioning Server installation and setup (Part 2)

In this video from Geek Week: VDI, Citrix's Frank Anderson takes us through the installation and configuration of Citrix Provisioning Services and shows us how to deploy a single master Windows XP desktop that can be shared by multiple users. Specific things covered in the video include:

  • Getting our vanilla Windows 2003 server ready for Citrix Provisioning Server
  • Installing and configuring Citrix Provisioning Server
  • Hooking Provisioning Server into our DHCP server
  • Building our initial desktop and imaging it for Provisioning Services
  • Creating a dynamic desktop group of five VMs based on that single image
  • Making a test connection

For a full analysis of the results of this video, read our summary of how Citrix XenDesktop 4 did in our Geek Week: VDI project. This video is part of our "Geek Week: VDI" project where Gabe and Brian tested five VDI products in five days. More information about this project, as well as videos from this vendor and others, is available at

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