Forums not fast enough for free desktop virtualization support? Check out CitrixIRC.


You know IRC, right? The IRC. The one you used to access via FreeNet in 1990, Prodigy in 1992, and AOL (we all know you had it) in the 1995? As it turns out, people still use it regularly, and for good instead of evil. One such "good" use is CitrixIRC, an IRC server set up by Ryan Gallier to provide realtime, group-driven support for desktop virtualization administrators (not just Citrix, as the name might imply). I had a chance to interview Ryan recently, and here's what he had to say:

To try out CitrixIRC yourself, you don't need anything more than a browser. Just browse to, which gets you into the chat room via an IRC web client. You don't even need to sign up for an account. 

Ryan wanted me to point out some of the CitrixIRC All-Stars that help provide great support and around-the-clock coverage:

  • Blake Burgess (gladier)
  • Kirill Davydychev (kdavy)
  • Jarian Gibson (JarianGibson)
  • Shane Kleinert (makson)
  • Patrick Reynolds (splatone)

Ryan wasn't joking about around-the-clock, either. As I write this at 10:30 Eastern on Sunday night, there's at least a handful of live people in the channel just waiting to be of assistance! So, thanks to Ryan, and to Blake, Kirill, Jarian, Shane, Patrick, and everyone else that participates on CitrixIRC for a great service!


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Thanks for your time, Gabe.  I appreciate it!  The web client has a direct link at  Users who already have an IRC client can simply join #Citrix on Freenode (  

Come on in and join the discussions!


The channel is really useful, I'm just sorry I can't spend more time there.