Explaining Citrix ShareFile Storage Zones, a video from Citrix Synergy Barcelona


In this video, Citrix's Bill Carovano explains how ShareFile Storage Zones is now released, following its announcement in May. What's new, though, is the Storage Zone Connector

Citrix announce ShareFile Storage Zones back in May, and released it this past October during Citrix Synergy Barcelona. Storage Zones allows you to place user data in a Citrix-owned datacenter close to the users so that they don't have to transfer files from the US to, say, India. They also have a local, "customer-managed" storage zone that you can configure that allows you to set up a ShareFile node in house.

The other news from Barcelona that Bill goes into is the Storage Zones connector, which allows you to access local file stores through the ShareFile client.

Check out what Bill had to say in this three-minute video:


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Does storage zone connectors support DFS namespaces?


I did a little digging as I was confused about customer managed StorageZones vs. StorageZone connectors. It begged the question why anyone would bother with forklifting over data to StorageZones (either Citrix or customer managed ones) if you could simply leverage StorageZone connectors to make corporate data available via existing shares and file servers.

This blog article explains the key differences:


The biggest differences appear to be:

- StorageZone Connectors provide READ-ONLY access to "legacy" network shares

- It's currently a tech preview, not ready for production

- It's only available for iOS devices

- There's only a "limited subset" of ShareFile features available for StorageZone connectors.

On the latter point, I'm guessing this means no syncing or versioning but I can't find any Citrix documention to confirm that suspicion.

Thought I'd mention that blog post in case others are confused too...