Exclusive first look video: Ron Oglesby gives first public demo of Unidesk

Ron Oglesby, who joined Unidesk last October, stops by to give Brian the first public demonstration of Unidesk, which is a new take on layering and storage virtualization for VDI environments.


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What about Windows 7?


Awesome stuff.

I'd love to get some more information on the more geeky bits of the architectural desing on the file I/O filtering and the cachepoint integration with Windows. Maybe there is a white paper?


Congrats. No revenue, no customers, still no product, pretty slick demo, smart / well-known employees who are exciting.

Kudos on continuous hype.

Last time I saw this much hype on a startup without  product, customers, or revenue was TRANSMETA mostly due to Linus Torvalds joining that company.

Does this mean Ron is the Linus of desktop mgmt?

Seriously, well done Ron/Chris on the live demo / interview with Brian Madden.


Man, I just got a taste of the audio on this - sorry it's not good.  The source video is way better, so when I get done encoding tomorrow's video, I'll re-encode/upload this one.


Very cool demo!

Do think the storage saving are bit subjective as the demo is around Windows XP, and many Windows XP desktops could easily be provisoned with a 20Gb disk...but even then still some good saving :-)

However the 40GB per desktop is very relevant to the Windows 7 OS.

With Windows 7 being a major catalist for customers to evaluate VDI technologies, I would like to see this demo at Synergy with Windows 7 desktops!!!

Ron, any roadmap stuff around Windows 7 support?

Very cool stuff, though!!


Great Technology! This will ENABLE me to get my END USERS to accept VDI. Other personalization approaches require them to think which we all know does not work.

Can't wait to get my hands on this. I would like to get an approximate  # for the sizing of concurrent VMs/Users to 1 CacheCloud virtual appliance.

Brian/Ron?? any idea?



Out of interest what do you mean by this "Other personalization approaches require them to think"?

@unidesk dudes...

Will there be campus/site deals for education, healthcare and local government? - It will have to be cheap as most VDI solutions are starting to bundle in personalization solutions with the product which makes it harder to justify a 3rd party solution (specially a new one). The price will have to be compelling.

I see some crossover with what other solutions are doing but a lot of very cool unique features :) Good stuff. Good luck.


@Daniel Bolton

What I meant is users want to just have a desktop and use it thats all. they do not want to worry about "I saved something on my desktop is that ok?" or "I created a folder under C:\ and modified my IE Settings are they going to follow me when I get a session tomorrow"

This technology looks like it will allow me to keep a pool of non-persistent desktops to refresh each day, reduce storage and let the user never know that they are on VDI and just use their "Computer" and having deployed over 4000 VDI desktops that is the key to getting user acceptance for VDI.


The challenge here will be app compat between the layers. As this thing scales up, I am sure many cracks will be discovered. That said it does not mean this is where the opportunity lies. It solves the right problem and is no the run of the mill VDI hype single image BS.


@FVIguy - I am running about 65 VMs per cachepoint which aligns with vmware best practice for VMs per Lun... Although view 4.0 and 4.5 are upping that to125 or so and I plan on testing that number against the cachepoint soon.

@Daniel Bolton - you will be pleasantly surprised at the price point when that info becomes public knowledge

Overall through my beta testing I have enjoyed the Unidesk solution.


I'm trying to figure this all out so forgive the newbie questions:

I'm struggling to understand why layering is valuable?

Looking through the discussions on BM it seems there are two main themes ease management complexity and reduce storage.  Reducing storage seems to be the most important as the cost of storage is a big problem with the VDI cost model.  Frankly I for one don't think trying to figure out how to layer everything is going to make management easier because you still need to deal with physical desktops which can't be managed the same way.  

In my perfect world I would take my physical desktops which have local profiles and are managed with a distributed management tool.  P2V them as persistent virtual desktops and be done with it. Of course I have been unable to find a way to do this without  increasing a certain storage companies stock price by a few points.  

has anyone found a way to do this?