Exclusive first look video: Microsoft's Tad Brockway discusses and demos RemoteFX

Today Microsoft announced "RemoteFX," the public brand for the remote graphics work that's been previously known as Calista. In this companion video to Brian's full written analysis of the announcement, Microsoft's Tad Brockway explains what RemoteFX is and talks a bit about how it works. He also shows demos of RemoteFX running on a full Windows 7 client with GPU, a Windows XP Embedded thin client, and WinCE and Linux thin clients with embedded RemoteFX decoders.

By the way, this video leverages the new streaming capability we have setup with Brightcove, so you can now jump ahead without waiting for it to download. It will also dynamically adjust its bitrate based on your connection speed and whether you're watching the video full screen or not.

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Assuming other VDI vendors to? Quest, etc?


Thanks for the video.It's a bit of a teaser though...


Ericom Software, a provider of Terminal Services and VDI solutions, plans to support Microsoft RemoteFX when it’s released by Microsoft, as it will complement Ericom Blaze RDP acceleration. Ericom Blaze accelerates RDP up to 25x and is ideal for remote users connecting over slow WANs who need to access graphics-rich content and applications.   RemoteFX delivers a premium user experience for LAN users accessing rich media content and 3D applications, from virtual and session-based desktops.

The combination of RemoteFX and Blaze within PowerTerm WebConnect - Ericom's unified VDI and terminal services access solution will deliver the best user experience for all types of users and connections.

Read more about Blaze and download a free evaluation at:


Or view a video demo at: