Exclusive: Brian Madden interviews Unidesk's CTO Chris Midgley

For at least the last year, possibly two, we've been hearing about Unidesk and how they're poised to make a big impact in the VDI space. Until recently, however, it's been all smoke and no fire. Last week, Ron Oglesby and Chris Midgley made the trip to San Francisco to talk publicly for the first time about the Unidesk product and what it can do.

Yesterday, we published a demo of the product by Ron Oglesby. Today we have Brian's sit-down interview with Unidesk CTO and Founder, Chris Midgley. In this video, Chris and Brian discuss the background of Unidesk, where it fits in the VDI space, and the direction in which the product is headed.


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I have to say that I think Unidesk is one of the most exciting desktop vendors I have seen in years, who are attacking the real problem with the desktop, which is mgmt costs and overhead. No hype too early like Atlantis computing to solve layers who are nowhere to be heard of now in the context of layers. It's good that they waited, Chris and Ron are smart guys. That said they need to get real world traction. I would ignore the comments from Doug Dooley from RingCube on Ron's thread, who have changed their strategy more than once also and will struggle with their container approach although 100000% better than Virtuozzo. It will be interesting to see if Moka 5 survive as a standalone type play and instead focus on just layers. Regardless all the layers guys are attacking the right problem. Where are Citrix and VMWare in this space. They don't even talk about it because they are still stuck in the past......


Appdetective  -  based on your experience why is the mgmt cost so high?