Desktop search for virtual & mobile environments a challenge, but products like X1 are here to help.

Search in virtual desktops has always been challenging (as Brian wrote about twice this year) and top of that our data is all over the place. Bottom line—search will continue to be important for end user computing in the future.

For these reasons it was interesting to meet with X1, which has search products for virtual desktops and mobile devices. X1 Search Mobile was also a finalist at this year's Best of VMworld awards.

In this video, I spoke to Todd Cole, Vice President of Operations at X1. Here's a preview of what's in the video:

  • Most customers want to turn off background indexing for virtual desktops, so X1 Search lives off of the VM on a separate server.
  • The X1 Search agent indexes data directly at various sources, including Exchange mailboxes, IMAP mailboxes, network file shares, local files on the desktop, SharePoint, Box, OneDrive, Gmail, and several other sources. (Other cloud sources are pending.)
  • The mobile app provides access to the full index and can be used to download, view, and share files. You can even search within files themselves.
  • The mobile search has lots of different filters, and can search mailboxes way faster than using a normal mobile email client to search on an email server.

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