Demo of ControlUp by Smart-X from Citrix Synergy: Super simple monitoring & management for Citrix

Remember ControlUp by Smart-X? I once wrote about the product and called it "The free management tool I wish I had when I was a full time admin," and when I was at Synergy a few weeks ago I had the chance to catch up with the guys at Smart-X to see what was new with the product. 

The tool, which gives real time insight into the systems in your Citrix environment, has added some management capabilities since the last time I saw the product. As in the past, you get a dashboard view of all the servers, each of which you can drill down into to see each user's individual activity, processes, and even screen captures of what's happening in their virtual desktop in real time. Since the last time I saw the product, they've added a feature that compares servers to identify configuration differences that could be the root cause of issues. You can also update the registry, manage policies, copy files, or manage services on multiple systems at once, among other things. They've also added the ability to delegate features to ControlUp users. That lets you give the help desk the ability to investigate a problem, for instance,  without giving them the ability to make sweeping registry changes.

The beauty of ControlUp is that it's a relatively small installation that gives you a lot of information at once about your farm, but it doesn't require a large or complex infrastructure to support. It doesn't pretend to be an enterprise-wide monitoring and management solution, either. The entire goal is to support day to day administration of Citrix environments, and it does it in real time from a 15MB installer with no agents. In fact, it probably does something you can already do with scripts, but with just one, go-to interface for all the functions you might have otherwise cobbled together, it's hard to ignore.

If you're not familiar with Smart-X or ControlUp, have a look at the video below. They still have a free version of the product for up to 50 concurrent sessions, after which there are pricing tiers at 100, 250, 500, and 1000+ sessions, with pricing starting at $650.yr. 

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