Citrix's Chris Fleck demoing their "Workspace Hub" Android-on-a-stick prototype

One of the things that got a lot of buzz at Citrix Synergy a few weeks ago was something called "Citrix Workspace Hub," a prototype Android-on-a-stick you can use to convert any HDMI or VGA display to a full screen extension for your Android or iOS device. You can plug this thing into a display and then wirelessly connect to it via your mobile device. What's cool in this scenario is that the Citrix Receiver software still continues to run on your mobile device--it's just the screen, mouse, and keyboard that will be moved to the hub. (So this means you can flow your session from your phone to the big screen in 2-3 seconds instead of having to fully disconnect and reconnect.

Chris talked about putting QR codes or iBeacons in the hub so you can just "tap" to move your running apps from your phone to the big screen. The hub also has a battery in it so you can use it with any screen without needing any special connectors. (i.e. HDMI or VGA instead of MHL or USB power)

Workspace Hub is not a real product from Citrix yet. It's just a prototype of something they're playing with. (The one I held had a 3D-printed case. :)

Check out the video here: (The second part of the video shows integrating the Workspace Hub with Octoblu workflows. Kinda cool...)

Update: Chris Fleck wrote a blog post with lots more details of the Workspace Hub and the Octoblu integration. Check it out here.

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Why not put the Ipad in docking station and use screen of Ipad as screen ?



This is sort of like a Google Chromecast but smarter.  I don't mind having one except it's just too geeky.  I already have enough problems trying to teach managers how to airplay their ipads.  Ideally, you want something that runs off your apple or android device that can pair with a casting device that will just take the running app and display without much work.


Good explanations Brian.

For those that want more info I posted details here:

@Kyle we will try to make it manager proof :-)


Very interesting using IOT technology to connect devices to a virual desktop enviroment. It is what I mentioned on Gabe's post in January when he questioned the reason Citrix bought IOT technolgy.

Is there proprietary technology connecting HID and other USB devices ? Or is it a transparent passthrough of USB protocol ?