Citrix unveils mobile email client and secure browser, with video from Citrix Synergy 2012 Barcelona

Last week at Synergy 2012 Barcelona, Citrix introduced two new mobile apps, @WorkMail and @WorkWeb. Both apps are fully integrated with CloudGateway MDX, which means that they can be part of a ecosystem of interconnected, manageable apps that IT can deploy to unmanaged devices. Let's take a closer look at each one.

@WorkMail is a sandboxed email client. I've been writing a lot about sandboxed email over the last couple of months, and the reason for them is that the native email clients built in to mobile devices are designed to share content with other apps that are on the device. In order to protect email content, attachments, and contacts from all these other random apps (which can leak data), IT has to use mobile device management software to police the apps on users' devices. Since most users don't like that (especially for personal devices) the other option is to only allow a 3rd party app to access email, not the built in app—this is exactly what @WorkMail does. @WorkMail is an Exchange ActiveSync client, and many of the features can also be managed through CloudGateway. It also includes a calendar and contacts and integration with GoToMeeting. Policies include opening attachments in other managed apps, opening links in the @WorkWeb browser, preventing cutting and pasting outside of the app, and remote wiping.

@WorkWeb is a managed web browser with a built-in micro VPN. It can be used to protect access to internal web apps without having to set up a VPN for the entire device, and like the other MDX apps, inter-app communication, access, and remote wiping can all be controlled through Cloud Gateway.

In the video below, Nathan Anderson, a Citrix staff engineer who was responsible for @WorkMail and @WorkWeb, gives us a tour. While this video shows only the iOS, Android versions of these apps are available as well.

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