Citrix is combining Receiver and their EMM client into a single desktop/web/mobile mega-app.

Last week at Synergy, Citrix announced that the upcoming versions of the Receiver mobile apps will also include the mobile device and mobile app management capabilities of Worx Home, the agent app for XenMobile.

This means that in a single app, users will be able to access remote desktop apps, web apps, and local native apps; and that app will also act as a mobile device management agent.

This client unification may not seem that big of a deal, but I like it for a few reasons. We’ve been talking for years about how we want to be able to deliver _any_ type of app to our users, and indeed Citrix has been able to do that since they entered the mobile app management space a few years ago. Doing it with a single client has always just felt like the way it should be, so it’s great to see this happening. This should be easier for users to figure out, too.

This unification effort is broader than just the mobile clients, though.

Citrix also announced a new way to centralize—and therefore unify—the branding and customization for all of the desktop, web, and mobile versions of Receiver. Instead of manually customizing each client individually (and possibly having to re-do the work when the clients are updated), all of the customization is done in Storefront and then pushed down to the clients via a new API.

The new desktop and web clients are in tech preview now, and the mobile clients will come out o later this year. In development, the new versions of Receiver have been called “X1” or “Receiver X1,” but once they’re out they’ll just be known as “Receiver.”

At the conference I had a chance to take a look at the new Receiver and chat with Manu Chauhan, the Director of Product Management for the Receiver X1 project. Here’s that video:

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