Citrix announces XenClient XT (with video interview from Gabe)

One of the announcements from Citrix Synergy 2011 San Francisco last week was that Citrix was working on a variation of XenClient called "XenClient XT." The XT edition of XenClient is for extra-secure desktop environments where different guest VMs are connected to different networks with different security levels. Prior to XenClient XT, customers had to have multiple physically-separate computers.

XenClient XT is based on XenClient 1.1, although Citrix made several specific security modifications, including breaking the control domain into multiple pieces, and adding support for Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) guests and security policies. Watch Gabe Knuth's quick interview:

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Good insight...

To follow on from yesterdays discussion:

and in reply to @hhernandez...

It seems to me that XT is targeting a very small use case ("1%") of desktops that have to be super secure like my Wifes "special" dinner set. - never actually seen it... she makes me eat off paper plates most of the time!

If its the case or not... I get the feeling/impression that all this type1/baremetal goodness is driven towards laptops and desktops are seen as a small (but important) use case. Marketing getting in the way again?

My view is that laptops are a great use case for this technology but "general" desktops that don't require bitchin secure3000 protection and god like military standard networking are potentially a huge use case for this stuff.

In addition to that little rambling and not limited to XenClient, all this type 1 stuff is geared up as a very "named user" model which fits in with the focus on laptops.. The sort of use cases I was taking about yesterday were a very multi user type environments like a lab/uni or training centre... Which from what I've seen is not catered for at all (without cumbersome workarounds/hacks).