Citrix XenMobile Cloud is open for business

Among all the announcements last week at Citrix Synergy, one of the things you might have missed was that the cloud version of XenMobile was mentioned briefly during the main keynote.

XenMobile Cloud isn’t new per se, but this is the first time Citrix is emphasizing it. In fact, I had only even learned about it a few weeks ago. I thought maybe I had missed an announcement at some point, but as it turns out it was launched silently last fall. Subsequently, they spent the first part of this year making sure it was robust and ready to go.

At Synergy I shot a video with the product manager, Milind Mohile, to get an overview. Read on below the video for more.

Citrix actually already has several hundred customers that had been using the cloud version of Zenprise (which was MDM-only) before it was acquired by Citrix in 2012.

Last fall Citrix added in the rest of the XenMobile Enterprise components, and then began work on improving cloud operations and automating the provisioning process. They’re to the point now where they can spin up a full XenMobile Enterprise instance in 2 hours, completely automatically. All customers have to do is provide a few basic parameters through a web form and make sure it can connect to their network.

XenMobile Cloud uses the exact same components as the on-premises version, with each customer getting their own complete, isolated instance. This even includes NetScaler, so there’s only a single IPsec VPN connection to the customer’s data center—all the other connections go to the cloud. Maintenance and backups are handled by the XenMobile Cloud operations team, too.

All three versions of XenMobile—MDM Edition, App Edition, and Enterprise Edition—are available, with licensing terms similar to the on-premises versions.

XenMobile Cloud impact

People that have worked with XenMobile have expressed frustration that it’s complicated to set up and that it requires too many connections through the firewall. XenMobile Cloud obviously takes care of both of those things since it’s built automatically and only requires a single connection.

And while the lack of a cloud offering didn’t seem to be hurting them a crazy amount, XenMobile Cloud will certainly help Citrix better compete with vendors like MaaS360, MobileIron, and especially AirWatch—all which have their own cloud offerings.

In the words of the product team at Synergy, XenMobile Cloud is open for business.

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"with each customer getting their own complete, isolated instance."

So we pop XenMobile on AWS .... I guess that makes it fully 'cloud'