Citrix Synergy Barcelona video: A look at NVIDIA VGX K2 and when we'll see cloud-based GPUs

NVidia's Justin Boitano gives us an overview of what NVidia is doing with their VGX products that allow you to assign virtual machines to physical GPUs in a host. The VGX K2 was announced at Citrix Synergy, and is designed for engineers. The K1 version is more for normal users, where as the one they showed us in Barcelona was for more hardcore use cases.

In the video, Justin also helps explain what their cloud-based GPUs (the ones with the crazy licensing that Brian talked about) and how these fit into that solution. What you see here is dedicated GPUs for each user, so there is no licensing associated with it, but when that comes out we'll be sure to put NVidia on the spot :)

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