Citrix Synergy 2011 Video: Gabe interviews Citrix about Netscaler Cloud Bridge

In this video interview from the expo hall floor of Citrix Synergy 2011 San Francisco, Gabe Knuth interviews Citrix's Pete Downing about a new product called the NetScaler Cloud Bridge.

Citrix announced the NetScaler Cloud Bridge during the opening keynote of Synergy, prompting a tweet from Gabe that was something along the lines of "Too bad you need to buy an expensive NetScaler before you can buy this." Citrix's Pete Downing literally ran up to Gabe after the keynote and was like, "Dude! No.. this can be standalone too. If you have a NetScaler, fine, you can buy the Cloud Bridge as an add-on. But if you don't, you can spend $5k to buy a standalone Cloud Bridge virtual appliance."

It's also important to clarify that the NetScaler Cloud Bridge is NOT the same thing as the NetScaler Cloud Gateway. The Cloud Gateway is for extending internal authentication and user identities to outside cloud-based apps. (This Cloud Gateway is like VMware Horizon and similar to features Citrix previous announced as OpenCloud Access.)

Pete and Gabe are talking about the NetScaler Cloud Bridge, which is used to connect your private cloud to the public cloud. So if you want to move apps up to the cloud, like if you want to put a bunch of XenDesktop sessions up to the cloud, but you don't want to move AD up to the cloud, the NetScaler Cloud Bridge allows you to "bridge" this so that it all looks like one network. So you can move the processing but keep the data behind, etc., and the whole thing is transparent to everyone.

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