Citrix Presentation Server Tuning Tips and Tricks, from BriForum 2006

This is a video of a breakout session from BriForum 2006.

Session Description: The Official "Citrix MetaFrame for Windows Servers- Installation and Tuning Tips" document hasn’t been updated since May 2001. It briefly saw some development when Rick Dehlinger, the caretaker of the document, turned it into a website called Unfortunately for us, Tweak didn’t even see its launch before a squabble with Citrix legal doused the fire. Fortunately for us, many of the items in the original 40+ page PDF have made it into newer versions of Windows Server, into Presentation Server, or in other deliverables we swear by such as the Citrix Advance Concepts Guide, the Methodology in a Box series, and some of Brian Madden’s books. Douglas Brown, the author of the highly regarded "Methodology In a Box" series and owner of was one of the original contributors and evangelists of the "Official ITT Doc." As such, he’s leading an effort to revive the concept, and he’s managed to get Rick Dehlinger back on board. During this session, you’ll hear first-hand details about the plan Doug and Rick are executing, with the goal of bringing the movement back. You’ll also have an open opportunity to comment and brainstorm on ways this reborn movement can be an even more valuable resource for us all. Doug Brown and Rick Dehlinger will be chairing a "Town Hall" session on the future of the "Official ITT Document."

Presented by: Douglas Brown and Rick Dehlinger

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