Check out all of Symantec's recent EMM updates (Video from Mobile World Congress 2014)

Last week at Mobile World Congress I stopped by the Symantec booth to catch up on their latest EMM developments. In this video, Travis Grandpre, Director of Product Marketing, gives us an update in this video.

In this video:

  • With Symantec's MDM and MAM acquisitions almost completely integrated, the next step is to integrate Norton Mobile Security. This will be available in the next few months.
  • The Symantec Sealed program, a collection of partner apps that can utilize Symantec's mobile app management capabilities, has now launched with approximately 120-130 apps.
  • Norton Zone, a file syncing product, is now being rolled into Symantec EMM. Integration work is ongoing, so expect to hear more in the future.


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Three crappy products in one, Yeah!